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Happy New Years Voto!

Here’s to a great 2013, and an incredible year to come for Voto!

Happy New Years Voto!

Here’s to a great 2013, and an incredible year to come for Voto!

Seek The Life You Want.

I had the chance to look at the $5,700,000 penthouse on top of the Bellevue Towers today - 42nd floor. It was by far the nicest living space I had ever seen in my life. 20ft ceilings, the LARGEST 360* wrap around outdoor terrace I have ever seen, a ridiculous kitchen space, full floor to ceiling windows around the entire house.. It was incredible, and the drive that seeing that beautiful space instilled in me was exactly the reason I wanted to view it. 

If you’re pursuing success, go out and take a day to look at what the lifestyle you’d like to provide yourself or your family with would be like. DO NOT be modest in your search. If you want to drive $500,000 Italian supercars, and live in a $10,000,000+ home, don’t hesitate to put yourself in front of what you want or what you want to provide while imagining having it. Imagining that you already have that lifestyle while holding on to the feeling of what it’s like and picturing yourself already there, is the fastest way to inspire motivation and figure out how to get what you want. The brain is a powerful thing. When you focus on something you want, your mind will constantly search for ways of attaining it.

When Everything Was Crumbling, I Set An Incredibly High Standard And Achieved.

On November 13th of 2012, around 1am, I had broken down. I was tired of building websites, programming and trying to start companies that kept failing, each time bringing my confidence down with it. After 3 to 4 years of this continuous cycle, at 20 I was ready to give up and just let the river of life wash me down and take me wherever it wanted, as a lifeless body in the river with no resistance as to where it took me. 

During this breakdown I decided I would give it one last shot, give everything my all, and try one last time to pull myself out from my collapsed mental state. One more shot. All or nothing. 

In the midst of this mental breakdown, all alone in my dark room, water rushing from my eyes and shaking from the anxiety and stress.. I decided to write out something I could keep on my wall as a constant reminder. Something that reaffirmed where I wanted to go, the potential I knew I had, and the absolute certainty I knew was required to get where I wanted to go.

Below are my exact writings from that night.

Being successful is not an option. It is a must. I must be able to provide for family and loved ones if anything were to ever happen to them. I will never, ever allow myself to be in a position where I cannot support, save the life of a family member if something catastrophic were to happen and all I would be able to do is standby, helpless. No, that will never happen. I have a clear goal of the absolute success in my future, and this is my drive, my absolute must. There is no other way, and there is no other path. I have no other option of traveling down any road besides absolute success. I must put forth absolutely every ounce of my potential and more potential then I ever believed was possible, practicing over and over the goals that I plan to achieve in the future, in my mind, daily with absolute intent and certainty. It is my absolute must now, and my must I will absolutely achieve, in an absolutely short and unbelievable amount of time that I practice in my mind. $1,000 in a day is nothing, it comes easily and effortlessly. $10,000 in a day is absolutely nothing it comes easily and effortlessly. $100,000 in a day is even easier than before, it comes with simply with my absolute potential being put into action. $1,000,000 in a day. Nothing. The amount of success I could generate in a day is only limited by my must, and only ever has been. My must is so strong now, and my will to succeed has been put into perspective of absolutely going to come true , that my absolute success is going to come. There is no question.

I must be able to give myself, my family, my loved ones freedom. I must be able to give them absolute spiritual, financial and freedom of love. Living life as I intend to live it, living a absolute dream that is a reality, and no longer is and never will be only a dream now that my must is so strong and absolute. My dream is my reality.

I am absolutely healthy, and always will be absolutely healthy. I have no other option besides being healthy of the mind and of the body, for I would not be able to support my family and loved ones if I were not healthy. The option of being sick and unhealthy is simply not there, and will never be an option. I will always be healthy. I will always be able to care for my family, my loved ones.

By May 6th, I will have made over $1,000,000. This, is my must, my resolution. I cannot accept anything less then that, for accepting less would put me out of the position of achieving and living my must, my must of supporting, caring for, and being able to do anything for any of my family or loved ones. There is no other option. This is the absolute resolution and the result of all my hard work these next 6 month. I believe nothing less and will absolutely not accept anything else. My potential and actions are exponentially multiplied by this goal, and my absolute must. Therefore my ability is above and beyond anything that has ever been.

I live my dream life, I live in a multi-million dollar home, I take my family, friends and loved ones on trips, I bring joy and happiness. I give back, and help those in need at every opportunity I can. The joy I receive when giving back and helping others to succeed is unparalleled for me.  I travel the world, I am exploring the world in the way it was meant to be explored, and I am free in the way I was always meant to be. I will always be free, and I will never settle or accept anything less.

This is my ultimatum. This is my must. Nothing less. I will put forth my absolute potential and action with the absolute intent of being successful and achieving my first $1,000,000 by May 6th, 2013 with my intent and action multiplied by how important my must is, and how much weight is on my shoulders.

I started with nothing, I worked hard EVERY single day and EVERY single night when I had time, barely sleeping while still having to wake up and drive nearly 50 miles in the morning for my job as a software engineer. Making around $32,000 a year after taxes. 

Today, the app company I co-founded (Sitrusy LLC) with a close friend of mine was recently valued at $1.4M.. Yes, $1,400,000. Which was achieved in less than 6 months.

Impossible? NOTHING is impossible, your only limitations are the mental ones you put on yourself. You can take yourself from broken and feeling worthless to achieving your dreams as fast as you believe you can, as long as you put the time in, constantly invision exactly what you want to achieve, and believe in yourself without a doubt. 

You and I are no different, there’s nothing special about me, I wasn’t chosen to be successful (Although I thank god every day for what I’ve achieved), I didn’t win big in some lottery or win a law suit, none of that. 

If I can achieve what I have simply through hard work and determination, you better believe you can too. Remember, It’s all or nothing in this world. If you want something, be humble, work hard, stay true to your morals and go get it.

Raise Your Standards, Change Your Life

Something I’ve noticed over the last few years. About 4 years ago I had no job, only a few hundred dollars in my bank account at a time, and was content. My standards were synonymous with where I was in life and I had no “must do” attitude to better them. Then right out of highschool I got a good paying job as a programmer and had far more money than I did while still in school, my standards raised and I expected to consistently be bringing in the revenue I was with my job. Then last May or June I began watching Tony Robbins videos and one thing that stuck with me from his series of motivational videos was - “Raise your standards, change your life”. Around that time I consciously made the decision to expect far more of myself than I currently was achieving. I raised my standards way above what I was currently achieving. I began spending every moment researching ways to make money and eventually stumbled into apps which has lead me to where I currently am. Success wasn’t instantaneous and I’m still growing, but when you expect so much more from yourself than you currently have, you find a way to make it when there isn’t a clear or obvious path in front of you. 

Bottom line is, If you focus on what you want, push through all of the mental break downs that are sure to come with setting ridiculously high standards for yourself, don’t give up even when progress seems to stagnate, no matter how long it takes, you will succeed and grow tremendously along the way.

Raise your standards, change your life